Thursday, April 2, 2009

Mahabaleshwar 28 March 2009

28th March

Morning 7am went for a bird walk near the hotel towards the sunset point on a trail called tigers trail.

Lot of bird activity could be heard but due to very thick forest the sightings were less. The puff throated babbler was foraging on the ground near the trail for quite some time giving good views. Also at the same place a female paradise flycatcher was flying around. At the same place the next day we saw a white bellied blue flycatcher.
The other birds seen were the white cheeked barbet, small sunbird, white eyes in plenty, red whiskered and red vented bulbuls, black bulbuls, black bird, rose finch, pied buschat.
One interesting sighting on this trail was the Shekhroo. Always a pleasure to watch this creature in its fresh brown coat.

Anjani was flowering at many places
Anjani flower buds

Anjani flowers taken with flash

A dragon fly on tigers trail

At 10am started for Kates point. It gives good views of Kamalgad and the Dhom reservoir which are on the north of Mahabaleshwar.

Elephant head shape seen at the Kates point

Down from Kates point

Kamalgad and the savitri valley view

Land portion not submerged in the waters of Dhom reservoir

The dhom reservoir

Kamalgad seen from Kates point

Kamal and the valley below

Another view of the valley from Kates point

Dhom reservoir

Valley from Kates point

Strawberry field on the way from Kates point to the hotel

On the way stopped at the venna lake.
Venna lake

Boats at venna lake

Saw 2 malabar crested larks here

In the afternoon left for Pratapgad
View from pratapgad

Pratapgad buruj from top

Buruj at Pratapgad

Statue of Shivaji Maharaj on Pratapgad

Different view of the staute of Shivaji Maharaj

Another view

Unknown flowers at the top of Pratapgad

Buruj and part of tatbanddi on Pratapgad

From the bottom buruj the view of the top of pratapgad

Tatbanddi of Pratapgad visible

View from pratapgad

Buruj view

While returning in the evening went to the sunset point.
It was heavily crowded. Looked like whole of Mahabaleshwar had assembled here.
It took us long time to get out of the traffic jam after the sun had set.

Sunset from Bombay point

Sun at sunset

People at sunset point

Next day morning did the Arthur seat and all the neighboring points like monkey point, savitri point, etc.

Terrace fields from Arthur seat point

Arthur Seat Point

Arthur Seat Point

Arthur Seat Point Falcon

Arthur Seat Point

Pratapgad from Arthur Seat Point

Pied Buschat in hotel

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